Assault and Battery Laws

Assault and Battery is a criminal charge that almost anyone could find themselves faced with.

Most assault and battery charges are due to a physical fight or brawl, but the laws are broad enough to include a wide range of scenarios.

You can be charged with an assault and battery offense if you get in a fight, even if you didn’t start it. Yes, you can be arrested  just for defending yourself from an attacker.

If you get in a fight that was “mutual”, but you end up causing a more serious injury to the other person, you will be charged. If the police can’t sort it out, they will usually either arrest everyone, or just arrest the person to appeared to do more damage. If the other person got the worst of it, you’ll be the one charged, regardless of how it actually happened.

You can be charged with assault without even hitting or striking the person. If he or she claims you threatened violence, you can be arrested and charged.

Or if you lose your temper, and throw something, you can be arrested for assault. Even if you miss, and there was no harm done!

Charged With Assault and Battery? Next Steps

The bottom line is, whatever happed to you, happened. If you made a mistake and lost your temper, and feel bad about it, we can work to fix your legal problem with the minimum damage possible.

And, of course, if you are being unfairly or falsely accused, we will fight for your rights and for the truth.

Either way, you need an aggressive defense lawyer on your side to make sure your rights are protected, and your are treated fairly in court.


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