16 Jun, 2012

The Domestic Violence “Pattern”

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Domestic violence in relationships follows a pretty common pattern. This pattern begins with violence and includes blaming, the victim trying to leave, and then being punished. Sometimes, the violence turns deadly. But more often than not, the cycle repeats itself over and over until the victim gets out. […]

27 Apr, 2012

Assault on a Reporter?

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Via balloon juice, this alleged assault on a live tv reporter should be embarrassing for all involved. Ashley Taylor, a tv reporter in Myrtle Beach was doing a live broadcast when a man grabs the microphone and acts like an idiot. He is later arrested on assault charges. […]

25 Oct, 2011

Assault Charges for Thrown Cupcakes

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The Daily Mail reports about an unusual domestic assault charge in Illinois where the arrest is based on thrown cupcakes. […]

27 Oct, 2010

Paul Supporter Admits to Facts in Kentucky Assault

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In the Kentucky assault case noted yesterday, the Rand Paul supporter, Tim Profitt, admits on camera to stepping on the victim in the case. […]

26 Oct, 2010

Assault Summons for Kentucky Stomper

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The man who allegedly stomped on a woman’s head outside a Senatorial  debate in Kentucky has been issued a criminal summons to appear before a judge on assault charges. […]